what is kombucha?

B-Tea Kombucha is a fermented tea that is naturally rich in prebiotics and probiotics. Its absolute raw and organic nature gives it a slightly sour, a tad sweet, and perfectly fizzy taste. Appearing sparkly golden, B-Tea Kombucha provides huge nutritional value and a delicious taste to match.

Darjeeling Black Tea Japanese Bancha Green Tea

Darjeeling Black Tea
Japanese Bancha Green Tea

We use real Darjeeling Black Tea for our Black Tea Kombucha, providing each bottle with powerful antioxidants and numerous additional health benefits. We also use Japanese Bancha Green Tea for our Green Tea based Kombucha flavors. Green Tea provides countless benefits such as improved brain function, fat loss, and lowered risk of cancer, while possessing antioxidants for improved metabolic function.

Pilsner Laden Water

Pilsner Laden Water

B-Tea doesn’t use just spring water, instead we go a step further and use Pilsner Laden Water, which comes from the Czech Republic's rejuvenating water sources. Pilsner Laden water is known to contain miracle health benefits, and is often referred to as "Healing Waters”.

kombucha bottle
Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar

We use organic cane sugar, also known as "The Good Sugar," in the making of our kombucha, which is proven to be healthier and less processed than regular sugar. This is what fuels our Kombucha fermentation process, explaining the low amount of sugar in our products.

natural flavor&herbs

natural flavor & herbs

B-Tea uses only 100% raw and organic ingredients, juices, and extracts. Our products have no added preservatives, sugars, chemicals or artificial colors. We produce quality products through a natural process, and we promise this will never change.

kombucha flavors

Meet B-Tea Kombucha Flavors

kombucha green tea

green tea

Made up of 100% Japanese Bancha Green Tea, this flavor is a classic among the others. Green tea proves to enhance energy, mood, and mental clarity, while revitalizing your metabolism. It is the base of the majority of our kombucha products, and provides a refreshing and rejuvenating nature that will have you hooked!

kombucha black tea

black tea

As our original and most powerful flavor, Black Tea is the perfect choice for the most traditional kombucha lovers. Without any frills, the black tea flavor is made up of 100% organic Darjeeling Black Tea, providing you with a powerful source of antioxidants and nutrients.

kombucha tranquility


In our tranquility tea, we use a 100% organic Aloe Vera extract, which has numerous health benefits. It aids in detoxification, digestion and immune system support; providing your body with a sense of calming rejuvenation in every sip.

kombucha balm

green tea
lemon balm

Lemon Balm, also referred to as the Melissa herb has been used for over 2,000 years to cure various ailments. it is widely known for mental clarity, relaxation and can be used as an aid for digestion issues. As our most popular flavor, Green Tea Lemon Balm has the perfect combination of calming and sweetness.

kombucha chilly


For the daring consumer, our Chili Cleanser offers quite the kick! Chili is known to promote metabolic functions and facilitate in the weight- loss process, so fire up your body while you detoxify in the most satisfying and delicious way.

kombucha ginger


Our original ginger is made up of 70% Darjeeling Black Tea and 30% Ginger. One of the best-known digestion aids is the ginger root, and this flavor is for those who crave more of a bitter taste.

kombucha serenity


Made up of 30% Chamomile Tea, the Serenity Tea provides a therapeutic and revitalizing experience for the consumer. Chamomile is used worldwide, primarily as a soother for the nervous system. Provide your body with the relaxation and boost of health it deserves, with our Serenity Tea.

kombucha lemonade


As our sweetest flavor, Lemonade is for those with a sweet tooth, ready to enjoy a healthy probiotic packed drink with a delicious taste to match. This product contains 30% lemonade and 70% tea mixture.


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All of our products are professionally prepared with the highest hygienic standards. Our priority is with our consumers to make sure they get the maximum benefit. Our kombucha is 100% raw and organic , full of nutritional value. B-Tea offers the best quality kombucha on the market.

The uniqueness of our raw and organic Kombucha lies in its probiotic content, which helps restore the beneficial types of bacteria in the body. It contains vitamins and probiotics that promote and preserve beneficial bacteria in the gut for maximum health benefits.

B-Tea Kombucha contains only 2 grams of sugar with low calories and no added chemicals. It serves as the ideal health drink and has been known to assist in weight loss by improving metabolism and detox functions.

We provide a wide range of exciting flavors to fit your lifestyle.

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